Track B - Bioengineering and Polymers

Relative abundance of Candida albicans and Candida glabrata in in vitro co-culture biofilms impacts biofilm structure and formation

Michelle L. Olson

Arul Jayaraman

Katy C. Kao

Modulation of Ultrasensitive Signaling in Bacteria by Viscous Load on Flagellar Motor

Jyot Antani

Pushkar Lele

Stochastic Modeling of CTB-GM1 Binding Kinetics

Dongheon Lee

Alec Mohr

Joseph S. Kwon

Hung-Jen Wu

Synthetic, Functional Thymidine-derived Polydeoxyribo-nucleotide Analogues from a Six-Membered Cyclic Phosphoester

Yi-Yun Timothy Tsao

Travis H. Smith

Karen L. Wooley

Polymer-clay nanocomposite coatings as efficient, environment-friendly surface pretreatments for aluminum alloy 2024-T3

Pilar C. Suarez-Martinez

Jerome Robinson

Hyosung An

Robert C. Nahas

Douglas Cinoman

Jodie L. Lutkenhaus

Water and Ion Pairing Universally Influence the Glass Transition of Polyelectrolyte Complexes

Yanpu Zhang

Piotr Batys

Joshua T O’Neal

Fei Li

Maria Sammalkorpi

Jodie L. Lutkenhaus

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