2020 - 2021 Leadership

Rachit Gupta, Council Chair / GPSG Representative

Rachit Gupta.jpg

Rachit Gupta is a 4th year Ph.D. student working in the field of Biophysics. He leads a team of undergraduate researchers to investigate factors influencing interaction between human and microbe. These factors are critical to infections and colonization. His research will enable innovations in human healthcare and animal husbandry. Apart from research, he enjoys cooking, playing guitar, and skiing.

Muhammad Anas, Executive Assistant

Muhammad Anas is a fourth-year Ph.D. student in Dr. Micah Green's group. He is working on science and applications of radio frequency heating of nanomaterials. Anas loves cooking and volleyball.

Vaishnav Meduri, Secretary / GPSG Representative


Vaishnav is a second-year MS student in Dr. Stratos Pistikopoulos' Research Group. He pays special attention to the notion of “Being Sincere than Being Serious”. In his thesis work, he is trying to develop a systematic method for synthesis & intensification of a divided wall column. He got his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from BITS Pilani University, India. Vaishnav is passionate about dancing, trekking, and dancing, oh! was it mentioned already?

Zhuoran ZhangWebmaster


Zhuoran is a first-year Ph.D. student in Dr. Qingsheng Wang's research group. He earned a Master's degree in TAMU also in Dr. Wang's group. Zhuoran's research interest is fire retardant material using in chemical process safety. So if you want to watch a real fire burning in JEB, welcome to his lab (well-protected). Also, he loves hiking, taking photographs, and cooking. Obviously, his cooking skill improved a lot this year.

Christopher Gordon, Scheduling officer

Headshot - 2MB.jpg

Chris is passionate about making processes safer and more profitable using data analytics, machine learning, and mathematical optimization. His research involves multi-objective and simultaneous optimization of production and maintenance at various time scales. Chris also enjoys cooking, tennis, and playing piano.


Rahul Kakodkar, Council Member


Rahul works on optimizing energy systems as a part of Dr Pistikopoulos’ Multi-parametric Optimization and Control group. He is motivated towards providing sustainable pathways to facilitate the integration of alternative and renewable energy sources in the existing energy infrastructure. Outside of work, he likes to dive and paint. 

Denis Johnson, Council Member

Denis Johnson ID Picture.jpg

Denis Johnson is a 1 st year Ph.D. student working in Dr. Abdoulaye Djire’s group. His main focus is on carbon dioxide electroreduction utilizing two-dimensional MXene electrocatalysis. He received his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. Outside of his research, Denis enjoys swimming, reading, and gaming.