2020 - 2021 Leadership

Denis Johnson, President

Denis Johnson ID Picture_edited.jpg

Denis Johnson is a 2nd year PhD student working in Dr. Abdoulaye Djire’s group. His main focus is on carbon dioxide electroreduction utilizing two dimensional MXene electrocatalysis. He received his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. Outside of his research, Denis enjoys swimming, reading, and gaming.

Ratul Mitra Thakur, Vice-President External Affairs


Ratul is a third-year Ph.D. student working with Dr. Lutkenhaus. His research focuses on developing plastics for battery and transistor applications. He received his Bachelor's degree from Jadavpur University. He enjoys travelling and playing table tennis.

Silabrata Pahari, Vice-President Internal Affairs


Silabrata is a third year PhD student working in Dr. Joseph Kown’s lab. He works on modelling and simulations of complex fluids based on super colloids, and also focuses on optimal control for the large-scale production of synthetic super colloids. Alongside CHEGSA, Silabrata is also a part of the Texas A&M Energy Research Society leadership. On a personal note, he enjoys going out on hikes and loves exploring nature.

Anubhav Sarmah, Events Chair


Anubhav is a third-year PhD student working in Dr. Micah Green's Dispersed Nanomaterials Laboratory. His research focuses on additive manufacturing of high-performance nanocomposites via radio-frequency heating and curing. He received his undergraduate degree from NIT Allahabad, India. Outside his research, Anubhav enjoys cricket, music and cooking.

Parth Shah, Events Coordinator


Parth is working in the field of Process Systems and Engineering. His research includes development of a hybrid model and optimal control for a bio-fermentation process, and developing a Disturbance based offset-free MPC model for hydraulic fracture process. He enjoys traveling, hiking, and cooking, and also loves watching football, cricket, tennis, and playing ping-pong.

Ekene Uwadiunor, Events Coordinator (Sports)


Ekene is a first-year masters student working in Dr. Djire Abdoulayes’s group. His research focuses on the photo-electrocatalytic mechanisms of the hydrogen evolution reaction on 2D nitride MXenes. He received his bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University in December 2020. Outside research, he enjoys soccer, cooking and movies.

Suchi Desai, Webmaster


Suchi is a fast-track M.S. student in Dr. Green’s research group. She is working on 3D printing of thermosetting materials and simulating the curing kinetics on MATLAB. Suchi completed her B.S. Chemical Engineering at Texas her M.S. in May 2022. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, cooking, watching TV, playing Nintendo switch games, and working out.

Siddhesh Borkar, Publicity Chair


Siddhesh is a first-year Masters student working under Dr. Manish Shetty in computational catalysis and catalytic degradation of plastics. He hails from Mumbai, India and is a hardened science and technology enthusiast. He loves spending free time socializing, exploring new places and cuisines, and catching up on sports and tech news.

Sulagna Roy, Executive Officer


Sulagna is a first year MS student in Dr. Hasan’s group. His research team is directed towards Process System Optimization and multiscale modelling focusing on applications in energy and sustainability. Sulagna completed her Bachelors from Manipal Institute of Technology, India in 2018 and has worked in Honeywell after graduation. She enjoys watching movies, TV shows and cooking.

Khirabdhi Tannaya Mohanty, Executive Officer


Khirabdhi is a first-year Ph.D. student who has joined in the fall of 2021. She is working on polymer-based batteries in Dr. Lutkenhaus's research group. Being the executive officer of CheGSA 2021-22, she feels ecstatic to interact socially and professionally with the graduate students and the eminent faculties of the department.

Kevin Chau

Kevin Chau is a second-year Master's student working in Dr. Faisal Khan's group. His main focus is on using process simulation for process safety. Outside of his research, Kevin enjoys playing tennis.