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Our History

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose  shade they know they will never sit in”

Inspired by this famous Greek proverb, the Chemical Engineering Graduate Students' Association at Texas A&M was established September 2013 by senior graduate students in the department. These students wanted to establish an organization to serve the interest of the graduate students in the department including: fostering a sense of community between current and former students, aiding in the professional development of graduate students and increasing interaction with industry. 

We recognize that the development of this association represents an enhancement in the graduate experience, not only for our current students, but for those yet to be welcomed into the Aggie family. In a short period of time, ChEGSA has been able to accomplish numerous milestones such as:

  • University recognition

  • Student body connectivity via social media

  • Increasing interaction with industry through our Industrial Speaker Series, as well as social events for students in the department

  • The annual Research Symposium, one of the ChEGSA’s major initiatives

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