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As initiated by 2016-2017 officers, ChEGSA is delivering a newsletter at the beginning of each month. The newsletter will contain important information for graduate students in the department and the university such as departmental information, information on university-wide events and deadlines, student spotlight, and more. 


If you would like to be featured in our spotlight, please email us at Should you also have a recommendation or feedback please don't hesitate to contact us. 


Our monthly newsletters can be found here:

Volume III Issue V (February 2019)

Volume III Issue IV (December 2018/January 2019)

Volume III Issue III (November 2018)

Volume III Issue II (October 2018)

Volume III Issue I (September 2018)

Volume II Issue VII (May 2018)

Volume II Issue VI (April 2018)

Volume II Issue V (March 2018)

Volume II Issue IV (February 2018)

Volume II Issue III (December 2017)

Volume II Issue II (November 2017)

Volume II Issue I (October 2017)

Volume I Issue VIII (May 2017)

Volume I Issue VII (April 2017)

Volume I Issue VI (March 2017)

Volume I Issue V (February 2017)

Volume I Issue IV (January 2017)

Volume I Issue III (December 2016)

Volume I Issue II (November 2016)

Volume I Issue I (October 2016)

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